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Treated myself to a new set of Bench Chisels

After reviewing the different bench chisels on the market, I came to the conclusion to buy a set of Pfeil . I have several of their carving chisels and have always been  happy with their results. I also have a set of their  butt chisels that have served me well. I read reviews from others who said they worked for days polishing them to get the machine marks out. To me, having a set of chisels that polished is like having a brand new truck you’re afraid of getting a scratch on. It becomes worthless. Like my old truck , these chisels will see a lot of work and if one of them mistakenly meets its demise by hitting concrete or something, I can buy a new one without gritting my teeth from the cost.


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This entry was posted on February 5, 2012 by in Handmade wood furniture.

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