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Flat panel TV stand (Added corner reeded plinth molding and keystones) Post 5

Have not worked  on the TV stand as much as I would of  liked.  I have gotten all the decorative molding finished. I added Keystones , for better or for worse these are kinda becoming a trademark in my furniture. All that is left is the drawers. top and installing the back.  All the shelves , three to be exact will be .25 thick glass. After finish sanding and detailing, I will rub it down with a coat of  WATCO dark Walnut Danish Oil. It really brings out the grain. Then several clear coats. Should be finished in about 2 more weeks.

NOTE: Left Click on the Pics to enlarge. When finished click back arrow to go back to page.  The Crabtree Woodworks  logo will  always take you back to home page



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