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Incra table saw sled , a gift from my good friend Jane

I got a chance to try out a new table saw sled  today.  It makes cross cutting large stock a breeze. I owe my good friend Jane for this. Thanks again Jane!!!!, the sled will get lots of use in the shop. This particular sled comes with many attachments that makes woodworking by oneself a much easier and safer endeavor. The pics below show how easy it is to make a cross cut through a long sheet on a table saw. The first pic shows the stock before cutting. The second pic shows how easily the sled holds the large piece as its pushed through the blade.  Third pic – the first cut was a bit long so I  need to cut about  one eighth shorter, very dangerous and cumbersome without the sled.

NOTE: Left Click on the Pics to enlarge. When finished click back arrow to go back to page.  The Crabtree Woodworks  logo will  always take you back to home page.


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