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Book Cases for Sharon 3

Finally getting back into the spirit. Life in general has kept me from woodworking for awhile. Sometimes you have to give it a rest.  The weather is good today, and I feel like getting on with this project. The idea for these cabinets have changed a bit since post 2. Actually they have changed a lot. I am not going to use the broken panels I created in post 2. They will be used for something else in the future. I am starting with the top bookcase portion. The first thing I am doing is milling the lumber for the sides that hold the pins that support the shelves. In the past I have forgotten this step until the case is finished. Putting the shelf holes in a finished cabinet is much more difficult believe me. Never again. Kreg makes a very handy little gadget  for this operation. I purchased this when I was creating the Library bookshelves.


As you can see the holes will be on the edge of my board if I use the system as is. I have cut a spacer that will place the holes in the middle.


The boards will have 24 holes that will allow for 3 shelves/ four spaces of adequate height.


The holes will start at 13 inches from the top on each board. This assures they are all in the same position. We don;t want crooked shelves,  This takes about 15 minutes after all is set up.


This is a very important aspect of this project, that one does not want to leave out until the cabs are finished. Assembling the sides can now be easily accomplished.


2 comments on “Book Cases for Sharon 3

  1. Jane Edson
    January 17, 2015

    Mark nice to see the work you are doing.

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