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Cutting Dadoes in the bookcase sides to join the top,bottom and back of the box.

Pushing a piece of lumber through a saw blade that is 3/4″  thick and spinning very fast can pull that piece of wood right out of your hands. Because of this fact,  I try to create an environment that is as safe as reasonably possible when involved in cutting dadoes. There are three active components here,  the machine with a big nasty spinning  blade, the wood that’s going to be cut, and you the operator. Which one do you think will make a mistake?

This is another good use for a table saw sled. It helps  hold the material perpendicular to the blade as we make the cut. A piece of scrap clamped to your 200 dollar fence saves the  fence and the saw blade . This is where the woodworking term sacrificial fence comes from. Some woodworkers  might say Its overkill to set up all this for a few dado cuts. I say to them “it only takes once”,  then you have a ruined panel that you will have to remake and possible injury that could of been avoided.  I’ve been injured and I have also remade panels.

Always spend a bit more money and buy a good dado blade set. Notice the lack of chipping that occurs cutting across the grain in the second picture.

Now that this is finished , its time to cut the top and bottoms then assemble the bookcase boxes.

NOTE: Left Click on the Pics to enlarge. When finished click back arrow to go back to page.  The Crabtree Woodworks  logo will  always take you back to home page

Cut the top,bottom, and backs and now have two more bookcase boxes. Only two more to  build plus a desk and a ladder . I’ll start that tomorrow .


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