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Making a queen size bed into a king (foot board panels)

This is starting out as a fun project,  My brother Mike and my sweet sis in law Nancy have a beautiful Victorian bedroom suit they purchased several years ago that is USA made by Lexington. The bed is a queen size and they asked if I could make this into a king size bed. There is sixteen inches difference between a queen and a king bed. So it will involve building two eight inch panels for both the head and foot board. The panels have to be the same wood species and have the same characteristic grain as their  bed.

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The panels will be made and finished before any cutting on the bed begins

Here is the foot board.


Here are the foot board  panels  that my brother and I have just finished. The panel frame is one inch thick stock . The inside of the panel was cut into quarter inch pieces from the same board to give a book match effect.  I also tried to choose the grain so that the panels will compliment each other once they are inserted into the foot board. The next post will show the head board panels. Wish us luck!!!

IMG_0019 IMG_0018


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