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Flat panel TV stand Adding the top and making the drawer faces.

I am at the point of building the top and the two drawer faces for my TV stand. I have a small piece of walnut  that is 6″ * 25″ * 5/8″ thick with a lot of  figure on it.  I set it aside about 2 yrs ago knowing I would eventually use it for drawer faces. I took this board and cut it into two 1/4″ pieces of wood.  this gives me two boards with the same grain.  I then cut each board in half giving me four  12″ boards. By placing them grain to grain , I can create a symmetrical pattern, this is referred to as book matching. It adds another focal point to the center of the piece when finished. It is very common to utilize figured wood  this way. Musical instruments, guitars, violins etc commonly are built using this technique. My next step will be to trim the pieces to the appropriate size then laminate them on a walnut drawer  face plate.

NOTE: Left Click on the Pics to enlarge. When finished click back arrow to go back to page.  The Crabtree Woodworks  logo will  always take you back to home page.

drawer face 2

When I was applying the top trim on the case, I forced the front molding  to curve inward(convex)  The finished  top edge will take on this same curve. The sides will also curve in an Ogee pattern. By placing a  straight board on top you can see the convex I created.

top showing front curve top showing forced curve 2

Watco oil has a way of evening out the color in the wood without  disturbing the beauty. Here is an example without  and then with oil, on one of the Bracket feet on the stand.

foot wo oilAdd foot with oilMedia

My next post will show the top and finished drawers applied to the stand. See you then!


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