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I got to see the work of the American Master cabinet maker John Townsend

My wife and I traveled to New York City last week to visit our middle son Adam, and what a wonderful time we had!  While  there we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art ( The MET)  to see  the many  American furniture exhibits that until now I have only read about on the internet and in a few books I own. I was very  excited to see one particular piece up close,  A  chest of drawers by the American cabinet maker John Townsend. It might sound  a bit silly talking about a chest of drawers in this manner, but I found myself  very humbled while standing next to this American treasure*&pos=4

A  sewing cabinet I made has a feeble reproduction of the Newport shell that Townsend furniture is acknowledged for.

You can see this on my blog page:

The chest is one of eight that are known to exist with his signature and dated 1765.

Besides the Chest of drawers, there were  many other examples of early American cabinet work.

Recently another Townsend piece was found, and some lucky “wealthy ” person will have a chance to own it.

Rediscovered and undocumented High Chest by John Townsend from 1756 to be sold at Sotheby’s.


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