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Thinking about my next project- Book cases for Sharon

The holidays are over, and my brother and sis in laws bed is done. I will add more pics of it when my brother sends them. So on to the next project. I went out in my shed yesterday and brought in a piece of Walnut I have been storing for a while now. This wood is  going to make four  front ball and claw legs for two bookcases that will eventually reside in my home. I have promised my wife I would build these for about 2 years now.  It is too cold to work in the shop, my little heater can’t keep up when its 15 degrees outside. I will wait until it warms up. I plan on making videos of the leg building process. This should be fun.  The leg carving will be a lot like the third picture. For now I’m staying warm inside. We have two new little girls arriving in our family in the 1st quarter of the year. I have been told they are going to need little bookcases  for their nurseries. It looks like the next four or five months I have my work planned out for me.

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IMG_0009 IMG_001009708r6_Antique_Walnut_Dessing_Table_Stools_Chairs_Claw_ball_Feet__Lincolnshire_Cambridgeshire_


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