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Quilt Rack and Quilt, birthday gifts for our good friend Gloria.

Several months ago I was visiting  my friend Lorra.  While I was there, she showed me a quilt she was making for a mutual friends birthday. The birthday party was still several months away. This gave me plenty of time to make  a  rack that would  hold and display the beautiful quilt Lorra had designed. I was very excited about this project because it would give me a chance to use my new wood lathe. The quilt rack I designed would give me much needed practice and fun learning to turn spindles. My first job was to recruit spies that would find out in various ways Gloria’s  favorite wood and finish. It turned out to be oak.

Making oak spindles: NOTE: You can enlarge each pic by clicking on it. To get back to post use your back arrow. To go to my home page, click on CRABTREE  WOODWORKS

Gluing up three 1″ by 3″ pieces of oak making a 3″*3″ stick

Cutting mortises that will hold the tenons in the legs and arms of the rack. Must be cut while stick is still square. After mortises are cut, sticks go on the table saw where the blade at 45 degrees turns them in to octagons, makes it much easier on your chisels to get rid of that extra meat before starting to turn on the lathe.

Next I decide where the coves and various components of the spindle will be.and approximate the areas with a sharpie.

Now the fun begins!!

Now that one is cut, I have to duplicate it.

Next I cut the arms and legs

A lot of band saw work to cut the arms and legs. After they are done Its time to assemble .

A coat of  Watco dark Walnut oil and clear coats and wax and its done

The most important pic of all!!!

from left to right , Gloria , myself and Lorra

Happy birthday Gloria!!                                        Lorra’s beautiful quilt

Various party pics


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