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Turning my own porch newel posts – part 4

IMG_0008 IMG_0010

Had a chance to put a porch rail section together today. It’s been slow going but I am starting to see the end.  I have bought enough pine for 30 more posts. Because I am not using a duplicator the posts are close but not exact copies by no means.  I have learned a lot about turning with this project. I will be using my skew chisel on the next thirty. I found that a skew helps me keep my post diameter consistent  much easier than the spindle gouge. I welcome any statements from experienced turners. I have owned my lathe less than two years, its still pretty new to me.  I ruined at least 20 posts teaching myself  how to turn them. Even with that , we saved well over a couple thousand dollars doing it ourselves. I have also developed pretty good sharpening skills along the way.  Its taking a long time but all in all its a lot of fun. Hope to have more done next weekend. I will also add  my first video at the end of this project.


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