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Making a queen size bed into a king (foot board panels) #3

Finally got the panels in the foot board. I Just put a clear coat over the whole thing so later this weekend  I can buff it out .  This will help the new panels blend into the original. It is really cold  so the heat will have to stay on in the shop tonight.

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Here is the original  Queen size foot board without the panels:


Here it is as a King size bed with wet clear coat in the shop:

IMG_0007 IMG_0008

I was fortunate to find a beautiful piece of quarter sawn white oak while in a Lumber store in  Colorado Springs a while back. The grain matched the bed really well.  The Head board is next. I believe it will be easier.  The head board panels are made  and ready to be mortised in. Maybe we will start this weekend.


One comment on “Making a queen size bed into a king (foot board panels) #3

  1. Viola Bowman
    December 7, 2013

    Beautiful work as always Mark Vi Bowman

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