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Custom frame for quilt (figured walnut and purple heart)

The mother of a good friend of mine designs wonderful quilts. He asked if we could build a  frame for one she had just finished. He chose some beautiful figured walnut and purple heart.
It took several router bits and multiple passes on the router table to get the frame profile. the frame is applied to an MDF back. The quilt is held on by Velcro. The colors in the quilt were perfect for the wood we used.

5 comments on “Custom frame for quilt (figured walnut and purple heart)

  1. Teresa R
    July 20, 2011

    Hey, great craftmanship and nice to see the finished product. Doc R

  2. joebreen1
    February 13, 2013

    Mark, Beautiful frame and great idea. Do you sell these?

    • Crabtree Woodworks
      February 14, 2013

      Hi Joe,
      This was built for a specific sized quilt. I would make one for purchase. Contact me at, with your location and the size of the quilt you would be displaying.
      Thanks for your comment and interest!!
      Mark C.

  3. Pat Marrone
    September 15, 2015

    School children made quilt for 100th anniversary of our town. Our borough hall was destroyed in storm Sandy. We would like to preserve the quilt in a display case, full length to see all of the patches which represent history of the town in our new borough hall. Quilt is 6′ wide by 9′ high. Your custom walnut frame is beautiful, but we might need trim that if not as wide. What is the backing of the custom frame shown. Please e-mail me about custom quilt display case. Thank you.

    • Crabtree Woodworks
      September 15, 2015

      Hi Pat,
      The frame was assembled on a light fiber board backing. The quilt is attached to the fiber board with Velcro.

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