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Making a queen size bed into a king (foot board panels) #2

Happy Thanksgiving 2013 to all my friends and blog followers. My wife is working today so we will celebrate thanksgiving later this evening. Have not written a post in a while. I have been busy on several fronts , staining decks, remodeling a room in my daughters house that will be my granddaughters nursery, very exciting she will be here in March. I have to do this now or I hear about it everyday from my daughter. Love you Allie!  The foot board panels are ready and the head board panels are almost ready to insert into the bed to transform it into a king.  We chose Sherwin Williams to match the stain on the bed. Here is the foot board before the panels are mortised in. The next pic shows the finished foot board panels up against the foot board where they will be inserted in to each side.

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IMG_0016WP_20131123_004 WP_20131123_005 WP_20131123_006+

The stain we had color matched by Sherwin Williams was too brown.


To solve this problem we purchased some liquid orange Transtint wood dye from ” The Big Tool Store” in my area . That is  really the name; . Check them out if you are in my area needing quality tools.


Guitars builders use this stuff to get the beautiful colors you see on electric guitars these days. The dye comes in powder form or the above pictured  lacquer based liquid form. The powder  mixes in water to create  the color . Works very well . I used it on the Secretary desk you see on the home page of this blog. This liquid stain can be mixed with clear lacquer. If you tried this with the water base, well oil and water don’t mix.  if you put the powder in lacquer it clumps. Just use the powder with water-distilled water.

After the purchase we got back to our project. I proceeded to cut the tip off the top of the tube with a utility knife. I didn’t realize I was squeezing the bottle a bit at the same time I was cutting.  When I got the tip cut, I made my brother  Mikes day, week , year. I got to say it was really funny. After I cleaned myself up  , we proceeded in mixing a bit of dye with the clear lacquer.


The dye went on very well and gave us the perfect match.

WP_20131123_007 WP_20131123_008

Saturday is the point of no return. My brother Mike  and I are going to cut the bed apart to insert the panels. If you don’t see another entry about this project you will kinda  know what happened. Wish us luck. Better yet say a prayer. See ya later. Have a great thanksgiving guys.


One comment on “Making a queen size bed into a king (foot board panels) #2

  1. Lorra Ewy
    December 3, 2013

    Another piece of beauty. Had family here for Thanksgiving . My mom was here for a few days and we had a grand time.


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