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The gigantic Library shelf project

Good friends asked me months ago if I would build them bookcases for their library.  Because of the size of this project, I had to clear the shop of all of my other projects before I could start. Its 100 degrees today and I finally started. Air conditioning keeps it about 80 in the shop.  To make this system movable , I am building the bookcases as modules (4ft by 3 ft) The pictures below show one wall of this project. The next step is to add the base and trim and top crown molding. The unit will be trimmed out in such a way to make them appear as one large bookcase. It will also include a library ladder system. I could not do this myself. My good friend and future brother in law Paul gave up his weekend to help. Thanks buddy!!

Before I could put these modules together, I had to drill about 600 holes in the case sides to accept shelf pegs. I bought a handy little jig that took some of the pain out of this.


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