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Flat panel TV stand, 1st coat of oil, finding flubs, scratches and things that need to be fixed

With all the things that life has thrown at me and mine  in the past month, woodworking  has been on the back burner. Its now time to get back into the program and finish this. I have sanded and sanded and sanded.  Now to  apply the 1st coat of Watco Danish oil . This coat serves the purpose of letting me see all the glue marks, sanding needs , etc that have to  be fixed before final finish. My wife needs to choose the drawer pulls  and I need to order  three glass shelves. She can choose the pulls from the vast  collection of pulls I have purchased over time in antiques malls and sales we have attended. I promised my brother I would help him destroy his bed  about this time this year. I will explain what I mean when we start. I hope to video this. Here are some pics of my Victorian hybrid TV stand. I will post again upon completion.

NOTE: Left Click on the Pics to enlarge. When finished click back arrow to go back to page.  The Crabtree Woodworks  logo will  always take you back to home page.

IMG_10002 (1) IMG_10002 (2) IMG_10003 IMG_10005 (1) IMG_10005 (2)

There are also three pieces of 3/16 thick glass for the top I have to purchase. Two back panels also need to be cut for the rear sides.


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