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Choosing lumber for a project ( petite open face curio out of quartersawn white oak )

Choosing the lumber for a project is very important. The Grain and figure in the wood play a big part in developing the character of a project. By using wood with unusual grain, we can create focal points for showing off the attributes of the piece. In this way the project becomes more than just a utility but a piece of art that can warm a room.

Getting Beyond the beauty of the wood we must consider other attributes. In a best case scenario, all the lumber used for a project could come from the same tree. This is sometimes possible if  a supplier has it in stock. Only lumber that is dry enough for use in furniture craft should be used as such. Lumber bought at big box stores usually has a much higher moisture content than one wants for fine furniture construction. As this “wet”wood dries it shrinks making  joints loosen which in turn threatens the integrity of the entire  piece. If we want to build furniture with hopes of it lasting hundreds of years, we must use wood  that is cured and ready for our endeaver. Clicking on the crabtree woodworks logo will take you back to home page. Most pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.


2 comments on “Choosing lumber for a project ( petite open face curio out of quartersawn white oak )

  1. Lorra E
    December 29, 2010

    I am the proud owner of two pieces of furniture that Mark has made and I have another request for him as well. Mark is indeed an artist with wood. I talked with him about what I had in mind and he had very good ideas and worked with me every step of the way. He printed pictures of each stage of the project and was always interested in my opinion.
    He wants his customers to be pleased and strives to acheive that. His knowledge of
    wood and the tools of the era are very impressive. He definitely has added conversation pieces at our home.

  2. crabtreewoodworks
    December 30, 2010

    Lorra, Thank You, it was my pleasure to create these pieces for you!!!

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