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Making raised panels for a bookcase side

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Begin by cutting out the bookcase side and panel dividers.

Adhere the dividers on the bookcase side with glue and 23 gauge pins.

I use a product called Wunderfil to cover all the pin holes and gaps. While the putty is still wet, machine sand with 150 grit. This mixes saw dust with the putty to  make holes and gaps almost invisible.

Next I choose a solid piece of lumber to make the inside quarter round trim. The first step is to thickness plane the board to be the same as the plywood panel dividers.

Next I setup the router table to put a quarter round profile on the board. Then I set up the table saw to cut the quarter round inside trim strips.  These panels will take about 6 strips. I go from the router table to the table saw until all are cut.

Now I set up the sled to miter the trim to the exact size of the panel cavity.

Next I add another trim profile to the top of the panel dividers. This gives the panel  much more depth. I have to admit it. I cheated. I bought this trim. I don’t have the profile in my router bit collection.

Here are the bookcase sides before the top trim.

Bookcase sides with the top trim.

There you have it. This dresses up an otherwise boring bookcase side.


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