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Walnut executive desk part 1

The Wichita summer has really slowed down my Woodworking. I can only cool down my shop to about 85 if its 100 outside. I guess the next Woodworking machine I buy will be a bigger air conditioner. With that said, my latest project is a Walnut executive desk. I started by making the drawer cases for each side of the desk. The left side will have two 4″ deep drawers and one 9″ inch filing drawer. The right side will contain four 4″ deep drawers. Both sides will have pull out writing boards also. I use traditional mortise and tenon construction for the top and bottom base then hand cut dovetail joinery to attach these bases to the case sides. I was fortunate to get some very pretty Walnut veneer on the plywood sections. I am taking advantage of the veneer duplication on the plywood by book matching from side to side as you can see in the picture. I put dust drawer dividers in the left case that also serve to make the filing drawer more secure when it is locked. I am using traditional Ogee bracket feet on the desk . I am not quite satisfied with their appearance yet, may be changes on the feet as the desk progresses. The center drawer will have a drop front that allows a computer keyboard to be available.

The solid walnut I will be using is from my wife’s uncles farm outside Independence Kansas. This walnut was cut and milled in the 70s and has been drying in a boxcar he purchased and setup by his barn. This Walnut has a wonderful reddish hue that is going to really set off the desk once oil is applied.


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