Crabtree Woodworks

Custom Wood Furniture / handmade in Wichita, Kansas

Walnut executive desk part 2

Finally finished the back of the desk.  To utilize all the extra depth this desk has to offer, I designed a center bookshelf and hidden storage on each case side. I also satisfied my lack of enthusiasm  with the Ogee bracket feet. I attached a pad on the bottom of each foot. This gave me the “stately”  look I was trying to achieve and also gave the desk another 5/8″ of height.  The pictures below reveal the wonderful reddish hue Walnut trim up against the walnut veneer.  At this point I am ready to start building drawers. So far I have cut 64 dovetails to fit the two cases together.  Its time to build the desks eight drawers, each has twenty dovetails,   that’s 160 to cut.  I will be cutting dovetails in my sleep when this is over.


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