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Victorian quilt case 1

I have had several requests to build a quilt case.   The ones I have seen just didn’t have the character I was looking for. I wanted to create a conversation piece but give the main tribute to the quilts inside the case. I try to do this by using lots of glass space and thin framing in hopes that ones eyes will be drawn to the large front glass where the quilt is. An inlay, in this case a rose, is installed on the top pediment ,  much like a rose would be sewn into a quilt patch. A high pitched glass lid will increase the view of the  front quilt and 4 to 5 inches of the top of the quilts in back. Should be able to  hang  four quilts comfortably. Post number 2 will  have the finished product with my customers quilts in it.  This piece is made from quarter sawn white oak. It will have a medium walnut Watco oil  finish  with hand rubbed clear  top coat.  Many inlays are available for the pediment. The customer chose this particular one. Keep in mind the lid is not finished and the top pediment is not attached. They are just sitting there so I can shoot the pics.


One comment on “Victorian quilt case 1

  1. Sheila
    October 25, 2011

    Amazing! This is really beautiful and only half done. I’m sending this on to others!!!

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