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To Allie, Love Dad Oct 2002 (Oak Hope Chest)

Back in 2002 my woodworking tools were pretty sparse. I’m sure my woodworking knowledge was lacking also. It was time to build my “favorite” daughter a hope chest. I found a set of plans I liked . I can’t remember where. All of the oak was purchased from one of the big box stores, probably Home Depot , so I am sure I payed a premium price, probably around five bucks a board foot for common red oak in 2002! I can buy this wood today for about 2.50 a board foot. My oldest son was doing subcontracting at this time, and gave me a bunch of cedar closet lining that was left over from one of his jobs. The chest is finished with dark walnut min-wax stain then clear coated with poly. I would finish it differently now. I added little Victorian on-lays that the plan didn’t call for. The brass hinges for the lid were either purchased at my local True Value or again Home Depot. It has sat in my daughters bedroom for the last decade. She is married now and her and my son in law and grandson have a home of their own. My wife wants to make her room into a guest room so its time for the chest to go to its new home.Before my wife would let me move it, I had to install a safety lid hinge that would protect little fingers . I Have thought about installing this for years. Well its finally done , so It will be in my daughters home soon.


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